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Executives: Who's got your back in the digital revolution?
By Jim Moffat
Millennials: Today's events are shaping tomorrow's leaders
By Carlos Sabater
The game has changed, and so have the rules
By Brett Walsh
Now more than ever, it's important to listen to millennials
By David Cruickshank
Start-ups to steer UK adoption of driverless vehicles
By Mike Woodward

Deloitte UK Automotive Leader Mike Woodward provides his insights on the development of driverless vehicles in the United Kingdom.

Future of Mobility inaugural event
By Simon Dixon

Deloitte UK Global Transportation Leader, Simon Dixon, shares UK perspectives on the evolving mobility ecosystem.

Can this game be saved - What is the role of business in restoring integrity in sports? 
By Chip Cottrell

Similar to laws and regulations in business, without rules, the game of sport is dead. Think about it. Throwing a ball is just throwing a ball—until you devise a method for determining a winner, specify which ball to use, and draw a line from which to launch it. That’s when it becomes a sport.

Empowering parental leave 
By David Cruickshank

Global Chairman David Cruickshank shares his perspective on choosing to take time off for family.

Deloitte at Davos 2017

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting presents a yearly opportunity to gauge the world’s perspectives on pressing economic and social issues. Global leaders participate in a variety of panel discussions and private events, addressing topics at the forefront of the world agenda.

Talent challenges in US manufacturing amplified in global chemical industry

This post by Duane Dickson and Marcus Johnson addresses the issues causing widespread talent challenges throughout manufacturing and how they are being amplified by intense changes in the global chemical industry.

Business leaders: this is our wake up call
By Punit Renjen

In this LinkedIn Pulse post, Global CEO Punit Renjen calls on business leaders to shift their mindset and choose to do well by doing good.

Millennials have a long employer wish list. Here’s how we’ve begun to check it off
By Punit Renjen

When I went on my first job interview during grad school, my focus was on making a living so I could support myself and provide for my family back in India. I also hoped to learn a craft I could turn into a career, but that was about as far as my employer expectations went. Read more in the full millennials wish list post.

My journey through the land of lighted highways
By Punit Renjen

"What a wondrous country where they can afford to light up their highways!" Read more of Punit Renjen's LinkedIn Influencer blog post about landing in the US.

Older Posts

Looking to the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul: Building on the Lessons Learned from CEHR 
By Chip Cottrell

Chip Cottrell shares his experience of attending the first World Humanitarian Summit, and the opportunity to build on the experience of the Community for Effective Humanitarian Response (CEHR).

United Nations General Assembly week
By Chip Cottrell

Representing Deloitte at a number of events coinciding with United Nations General Assembly week, Chip Cottrell shared his experience during the United Nations’ 70th Anniversary celebration.

Getting inside the heads of millennials
By Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO

Fresh out of grad school, I arrived for my first day of work at Deloitte ready for the long haul. For my generation, that’s what those early years were about – laying the foundation for a lifelong career with a great organization. Read how Punit's career compares to findings from the 2016 Millennial Survey.

Feeling overlooked by employers, most Millennial women have one foot out the door
By David Cruickshank, Deloitte Global Chairman

Examining the results from the 2016 Millennial Survey, Deloitte Global Chairman, David Cruickshank shares his perspectives on employee retention and why the lack of loyalty among young professionals should sound alarm bells as Millennials become the predominant part of the workforce around the world.

Diversity and inclusion is in our DNA
By Carlos Sabater, Regional Managing Director—Americas

One of the things I’m most proud of at Deloitte is our focus on inclusion programs that foster diversity. We are dedicated to taking diversity and inclusion to the next level by providing opportunities, encouraging involvement, and actively working to have diversity among our leadership—just to name a few. Read more about Deloitte's emphasis on diversity in the full post.

What if I can't stay true to my leadership style
By Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO

Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen ponders how he can stay true to his leadership style now that he has moved to a role serving 244,000 professionals around the world. In this LinkedIn Influencer post, he shares his top six lessons learned believing that these hold true for most leadership positions, no matter the scale of the organization – especially when employed collectively.

I will never look at a bicycle the same way again
By Deloitte Global CEO, Punit Renjen

Using a poignant story about a bicycle, Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen shares his perspectives on the importance of expanding opportunity as central to the role of business in society. Learn more.

One year after its launch, the Task force on Climate related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) delivers
By Eric Dugelay

Michael Bloomberg and Mark Carney engaged 32 business leaders to participate in a task force on climate related financial disclosures. Global Sustainability Leader, Eric Dugelay, provides insights into what was discussed.Partner and Global Sustainability Leader, Eric Dugelay, offers insights on his participation in the task force.

Reinventing the daily commute
How mobility-as-a-service could revolutionize public transport

Warwick Goodall, Director, Transport Technology and Technology Strategy at Deloitte examines what Mobility as a service (MaaS) is and how cities can take full advantage.

Mobility as a service on the horizon by Deloitte Global Leader, Consumer & Industrial Products

Tim Hanley, shares his perspectives on the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, and the inspiring development and potential of mobility as a service.

IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 and the Future of Mobility 
By Tim Hanley

Consumer & Industrial Products leader, Tim Hanley, shares his perspective on attending and participating in the IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 (IoTSWC). The event brought together around 8,000 industry leaders from across the world to discuss how the Industrial Internet can be deployed, new technology solutions and how these are already being used, and the various benefits it brings to multiple sectors.

Which countries are the most cost competitive in 2016? 
By Tim Hanley

Every three years, Deloitte teams up with the Council on Competitiveness to produce the Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, a comprehensive study of the top manufacturing nations and the factors that contribute most to their relative competitiveness. Global Consumer & Industrial Products leader, Tim Hanley, provides insights on the world's leading manufacturing countries.

Manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 era
By Tim Hanley, Global Consumer & Industrial Products Leader

DTTL's Global C&IP Leader shares his thoughts on how factors such as disruptive innovation, energy, trade, and the future of mobility are affecting the manufacturing industry.

Advanced Manufacturing in a Digital Age
By Tim Hanley

Global Consumer & Industrial Products leader, Tim Hanley, shares his perspectives on how the Manufacturing industry is evolving in this LinkedIn blog post. Hanley examines new technologies that are spurring the potential for disruptive innovation.

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