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Central Europe CFO Survey 2018

What are technical priorities for the finance function? In what areas do CFOs expect to derive most benefits from robotic process automation? Is change needed in finance to respond to digitalisation?

Key facts

  • In this era of company digitalisation, CFOs are quick to recognise that ongoing process automation – across the business, but particularly in the finance department – is inevitable.
  • However, few regard their own businesses as advanced adopters of RPA and many find it difficult to estimate the possible savings that it could deliver.

The past few years have brought impressive advancements in the field of automation and digitalisation. For example, data collection is much cheaper than before and companies are therefore more-data driven. On the other hand, even automatically collected data is not of much value until it is processed. This is why many CFOs hope to take advantage of automated and customised management reporting.

Few CFOs are confident in saying that their companies are advanced in the field of robotic process automation (RPA). We predict that this will change dynamically in the years to come, as the benefits of newly implemented systems become more evident. For now, a significant proportion of CFOs are still uncertain about the cost efficiencies that could be generated by the automation and digitalisation of their companies.