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Competitiveness: Catching the next wave


There is much cause for optimism for Mexico’s industry outlook. A thriving manufacturing base, ample energy reserves, a growing labor pool, and sizeable access to global markets position Mexico to raise national living standards and dramatically reduce the nation’s historic inequality. Deloitte’s latest competitiveness report aims to examine the key sectors that will fuel Mexico’s “next wave” of growth over the next 25 years.

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Several critical issues must be addressed to enable faster growth for Mexico, including the government’s ability to build and maintain political confidence and trust by reducing crime and corruption, boosting education, and improving the skills of its workers. Government support to restructure key sectors and implement labor laws have the potential to accelerate innovation, attract additional foreign investment, and boost the nation’s productivity and economic growth. Competitiveness: Catching the next wave Mexico, a new report by Deloitte, highlights five key industry sectors – manufacturing, automotive, energy, telecommunications and tourism – that will help power the country’s next wave of growth.

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