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Deloitte actively participates in policy discussions on some of today’s most important socioeconomic challenges, seeking outcomes that benefit society, government and business. Through a coordinated approach, our global public policy program extends Deloitte’s influence by connecting with people and organizations who can help make an impact on issues that matter. 

Deloitte leaders engage with respected external groups and influencers on issues related to capital markets developments, responsible business practices, economic growth, societal advancement, workforce development and other areas of shared interest. In doing so, we seek to foster dialogue and advance policy outcomes that protect and serve the public interest and shape the environment in which all businesses, including ours, operate.

The perspectives gained by working with clients, community programs, and other groups—including investors, regulators, professional bodies, think tanks and more—inform Deloitte’s efforts to create an inclusive, consistent and forward-looking public policy agenda.

Deloitte’s public policy efforts focus on three primary themes:

  • Inclusive growth—engaging economic, social and environmental issues that matter most, because businesses can’t succeed if society fails;
  • Future of regulation—informing a smart approach to rulemaking, regulation and the role of a regulator, while serving the public interest in an era of exponential change; and
  • Future of work—addressing the changing demands of the workforce of tomorrow, including how, where and when work is done.

Within these themes, several specific areas of focus drive our activities. Some of these issues are audit quality, corporate governance, anti-corruption, cyber/data security, good regulatory practices, international trade, social progress, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, education and skills, and the gig economy.

Deloitte professionals help advance these issues by working with key external organizations. These include:

  • Group of 20 (G20) and its outreach group, the Business 20 (B20);
  • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD);
  • United Nations (UN);
  • World Trade Organization (WTO);
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC); and
  • German Marshall Fund (GMF).

The Deloitte Global Public Policy group is supported by member firm public policy programs active at both local and regional levels. This approach allows us to coordinate Deloitte’s public policy activities and positions across our various geographies and businesses so we can amplify our impact in sharing our voice. 

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David Barnes
Leader, Deloitte Global Public Policy

David Gruner
Senior Manager, Deloitte Global Public Policy

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