Forensic Investigations in Central Europe


Forensic Investigations

Central Europe

Deloitte helps our clients act quickly and confidently in the face of regulatory concerns and actions, or sensitive internal investigations into fraud, corruption and other financial misconduct. Our global network allows us to combine an understanding of local business cultures and regulatory issues to find a path to a successful resolution, and leave the client better-prepared to protect their assets and reputation.

Fraud and Corruption Investigations

Board directors and senior management have a corporate responsibility to take steps to deter, detect and prevent fraud and corruption. Deloitte’s integrated approach to fraud control helps organisations to understand their susceptibility to fraud risk, identify high-risk areas of the organisation, develop a fraud control plan to address those areas of critical fraud risk, monitor the ongoing effectiveness of fraud risk mitigation, and respond to actual instances of fraud.

The anti-corruption specialists at Deloitte have helped some of the world’s leading companies navigate corruption risk. We have been engaged by our clients to assist on some of the largest and most sophisticated anti-corruption enforcement actions.

Specialists in the Global team include former government prosecutors, accountants, certified fraud examiners, business intelligence professionals and computer forensics specialists.


Our clients seek our assistance on a broad range of fraud and corruption related matters including:

  • Compliance Programme implementation and assessment
  • Transactional due diligence
  • Forensic Accounting investigations of alleged violations of anti-corruption legislation
  • Business Intelligence and related Integrity Due Diligence services
  • Supporting internal audit functions in assessing anti-bribery and fraud controls.


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Accounting Investigations

Unexpected financial results, financial misstatement, missing assets and suspected fraud are all common triggers for accounting investigations which require going beyond the financial statements to establish the facts.

At Deloitte, our team of forensic accounting investigation experts bring to bear an outstanding depth of experience in dealing with increasingly complex accounting matters across all sectors and industries.

Whether we’re investigating accounting “black hole” irregularities, asset impairments, complicated accounting schemes, discrepancies in the results of a subsidiary or concerns from an investor as to how an investment has performed, we will apply our exceptional knowledge and skills to each individual case.

Not only can we investigate intricate accounting issues, but we can also advise clients on professional negligence claims, commercial disputes and other litigation related to accounting issues. We are highly practised at developing and implementing enhancements to internal accounting policies and procedures, as well as the associated internal controls, so as to reduce the risk of future errors or irregularities.

Asset Tracing

Deloitte has an outstanding and leading global reputation in this area, based on a track record of success on a significant number of assignments over 20 years. This continues today with a much greater emphasis on electronic detection and analysis tools to reflect the underlying nature of much of the evidence as well as the increasing sophistication of misappropriation schemes.

How we can help

Our asset tracing team is experienced in working with legal professionals to locate, identify and freeze stolen assets. We are also experts at tracing a transaction from its origin through to destination.

We can help you to recover assets through civil remedies and act as court-appointed receivers to seize and manage recovered assets.

Much of our Asset Tracing and Recovery work is cross border, requiring a deep understanding of offshore jurisdictions. As one of the largest networks of Forensic practitioners in the world, we can call on international strength in Asset Tracing and Recovery, enabling us to safeguard stolen assets in offshore accounts before fraudsters are aware they are under scrutiny.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, we use advanced techniques, combining accountancy based investigative methods with business intelligence and forensic technology.

Other Regulatory Investigations

Deloitte helps clients to respond to regulatory investigations, especially related to anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions, bribery, fraud and corruption, cross-border taxation and relevant competition and pricing regulations in many jurisdictions.

We have brought together cross-functional teams to respond quickly to our clients' needs when regulatory investigations arise.

We assist clients in resolving these complex and very challenging issues as quickly and economically as possible. Our involvement has resulted in lower fines being paid by clients, and speedier resolution of regulatory issues under investigation.

Specialists in the Deloitte team across the globe include former government prosecutors, accountants, certified fraud examiners, business intelligence professionals and computer forensics specialists.

We can:
  • Advise on data to be preserved and captured.
  • Search the data for key words to identify key documents of interest.
  • Customise software to be used to capture the results of a manual investigation.
  • Mobilise an experienced investigation team.
  • Execute the investigation within an agreed timeframe.
  • Report on the findings.
  • Assist with presentations to regulators.