Forensic Solutions Center


Forensic Solutions Center

End-to-end managed services tailored to identify, monitor and mitigate your financial crime risk.

Regulatory changes across Europe are contributing to an increasing complexity and cost of compliance. Deloitte has created Forensic Solutions Centre (“FSC”) to assist clients with the identification, mitigation and monitoring of financial crime risk using a dedicated team of subject matter experts. Through on-demand or managed services, FSC is deploying leading technology and elastic engagement models to reduce clients’ costs and help mitigate their risk more effectively.

Five signs you need a managed service provider

Your team cannot meet the demand.


  • Your workload is growing. Your business is expanding or new services are being added.
  • At the same time your headcount is growing too slowly or even being reduced.

Your costs are increasing rapidly.


  • The cost of running your operations are not proportionate to the size of your business or the value they add.
  • There is a significant pressure from the business to reduce 

Your technology is outdated.


  • Your business cannot afford new technologies that would increase effectiveness of your operations.
  • It’s hard to assess which technology would serve your operations best.

You lack process & regulatory expertise.


  • There is an increasing regulatory pressure driven from new legislation but your business lacks experience.
  • Your processes are not efficient but you don’t know how to enhance them.  

The Deloitte Forensic Solution Center offers:

  • Qualified staff that can be rapidly and flexibly mobilised
  • Access to the newest technology, proven methodologies and process expertise that will reduce your operational cost, enhance effectiveness and help you to tackle regulatory challenges
  • Elastic engagement models including complete or semi-complete outsourcing

Know Your Customer ('KYC') Service

Through the application of automated processes, access to market leading information and in-house expertise Deloitte offers a cost-effective quality service covering:

• Onboarding processes
• Identification & Verification (ID&V)
• PEP screening
• On-going monitoring
• Enhanced investigations

Engagement models include managed service and Know Your Customer ('KYC') on-demand.

KYC Service

Transaction Monitoring

A proven due diligence methodology and automation of the alert investigation process enable clients to significantly reduce the time and cost of compliance.

TheForensic Solution Centre provides the following services:

• Transaction monitoring (TM) alert reviews for third party payment providers, Initial Coinf Offerings (ICOs), banking, global markets, trade finance, etc.
• Alert review backlog analysis, management and reduction
• Transaction monitoring processes development, enhancement and monitoring

Transaction monitoring

Whistleblower Services

Deloitte SafeSpace is a whistleblowing service that can help your organisation detect incidents early, before they become high risk issues. Through Deloitte Halo, an integrated platform, the Forensic Solution Centre is uniquely positioned to provide a fully independent outsourced service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Confidentiality and security
• Multiple channels
• 24/7 operations
• Languages
• Trained investigators
• Customisation
• Quality control
• Anywhere, anytime reports
• Restricted Authorisation

Report workplace fraud and misconduct.

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Forensic Solutions Center

Our approach

  1. Identification of client’s issues: Our solution designers work with the client to diagnose the needs and requirements of the project.
  2. Solution design: Through various steps including workshops and proven methodology, our team creates a comprehensive service operating model.
  3. Mobilisation: Mobilisation of the most suitable resources and final process and procedures design.
  4. Technology security: Secure technology infrastructure set-up. 
  5. Busines as Usual (BAU) operations: Operations at Forensic Solution Centre or client location.
  6. Quality check: Regular quality assurance and quality checks performer according to Deloitte standards.
  7. Management information: Analysis of the trends and key performance indicators presented in a user-friendly dashboard.