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Forensic Technology

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The Forensic Technology team uses the most advanced technological solutions to retrieve, search and analyse large and complex data sets. This enables our clients to gather information that can be used to address litigation issues, investigations, regulatory and financial crime requirements.

Today’s leading organisations use a wide range of systems that enable them to instantly create, send, search and store data in order to automate their business operations. However, the quantity and diversity of data produced can be challenging. In particular, this is the case when there is a need to manage the review and analysis of that data in response to litigation, investigation or regulatory request.

Establishing the facts of such cases, whether concerning illegal acts, bad business practice or fraud can be time consuming, costly, and exceptionally high risk. The process of collecting, reviewing, analysing and producing electronic, audio and hard copy documents requires specialist expertise and experience.

Our team helps clients deal with these data challenges quickly and effectively. Working with Forensic Technology practices across the world, we provide technology solutions and analytical support to a wide range of clients, from the largest multinational to a small tech start-up. Our work increasingly employs specialized competencies, such as advanced analytics, visualization, geospatial techniques and the latest data review technologies.


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Forensic Analytics

The Forensic Analytics team includes some of the foremost experts in data mining and analytics. We provide consultancy and support to clients on a wide range of financial crime and regulatory issues that include:

  • Advanced and Predictive Fraud Analytics - In an era of intense scrutiny of companies' regulatory compliance, there is a requirement for organisations to understand their fraud and risk exposures, incidents and controls environment before they become high-profile problems. We offer a platform of advanced data analytics technologies and approaches that enables companies across industries to assess their fraud and risk exposures without incurring the cost and complexity of building an in-house analytics capability.
  • Financial Crime Analytics - With particular expertise in the Financial Services industry, the team provides proactive solutions and analytical assistance in the areas of AML/KYC, de-risking, fraud, FATCA, sanctions, compliance monitoring and risk assessments.
  • Forensic Unstructured Analytics (FUA) - Combining the skills from structured (e.g., transactional) and unstructured (e.g., text) data analysis, the team use sophisticated tools and processes to review and assess unstructured documents. The offerings are applicable to a number of industries where the search, analysis, classification and segmentation of large numbers of documents (such as emails or web pages) is required.
  • Applied Data Discovery - In conjunction with the Electronic Discovery team, our experts in database discovery offer a fully integrated and global range of services, from collection, filtration, review, production and presentation of structured data to help our clients successfully respond to litigation, regulatory requests or disclosure.

Our team also provides a wide range of visual and location analytic capabilities that use a variety of tools and techniques, along with external data sets, to add value and insight into our clients’ data.

Deloitte Discovery

Whether you are internal or external counsel, responding to a discovery request involves countless complex requirements for appropriate data collection, processing, hosting, review, and production. The number of documents requiring review can range from thousands to millions. Once the review is complete, each responsive, non-privileged document must be produced in an efficient, secure and easily accessible manner potentially in a variety of different formats to several parties.

The global Deloitte Forensic and Discovery team has over 800 practitioners and has conducted many of the largest and most complex global investigation and disclosure exercises. Whether you are responding to an existing litigation or regulatory request or you want to take a more proactive approach to improve your information governance processes, our highly experienced team can provide you with a variety of options to help control costs and mitigate risks:

  • Discovery Consulting – we can analyse your organisation’s procedures and structures. We work with you to identify potential operational, technological, and quality improvements and efficiencies. The resulting changes will help you be better prepared to deal with existing or future Discovery or disclosure challenges.
  • E-Discovery Services - we offer fully integrated, global solutions covering a wide range of services, from collection, filtration, review, to production and presentation, using best practice procedures and the latest technologies. We deal with unstructured data; structured data; Instant Messaging/Chat; audio; mobile; Lync; Social networks and Cloud.