NGIN Asset Management solution

Optimizing value creation

Asset management is critical to the business success of large-scale infrastructure companies. The NGIN Asset Management solution can help businesses optimize the way assets are handled and achieve asset management goals, covering the key components of an asset management system:

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Asset Management (AM) Immersion
Asset Management Maturity Assessment (AMMA)
Asset Management Improvement Program
ISO55000 standard


Our services are tailored to the company’s maturity level ranging from the Asset Management fundamentals (Asset Management Immersion) to a full-blown ISO55000 maturity scan and gap assessment.

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Asset Risk Management
Asset Management Planning
Asset Lifecycle Value Realization

Deloitte’s Asset Management Foundations Benchmarking Survey enables you to easily test your performance. Receive a customised Asset Management Foundations Benchmarking report.

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About Fluvius

Fluvius is a multi-utility company, offering network solutions for electricity, natural gas, heating and public lighting, telco, and sewage. The company also plays an important social role in achieving climate objectives, fighting against energy poverty and for the independent management of energy data. Fluvius is active in 308 municipalities in Flanders and employs around 5,330 people.

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Jeroen Vergauwe

Jeroen Vergauwe

Partner, Deloitte North West Europe

Jeroen joined Deloitte in 2000. He has more than 18 years of experience within the energy, infrastructure and utilities industry, providing advice with respect to various asset management processes, s... More