Life at Deloitte

Japer De Bruin – Audit Partner

“My experience with life outside Deloitte has made me realize that Deloitte truly offers its people an excellent opportunity for self-development.”

For Netherlands-based Jasper De Bruin, success at Deloitte did not require staying at Deloitte! The Audit partner has had the chance to work both at Deloitte and in industry.

In 2005, after six years in Audit, first at Arthur Andersen and then Deloitte, Jasper left for Royal Dutch Shell PLC, a company he had always admired. He calls it a natural moment in his career for him to reflect upon his next move. Over a three year period he was able to move up swiftly through the company, holding a range of financial roles, finishing as Finance Manager for the Down Stream R&D at Shell.

While Jasper enjoyed working at Shell he knew it wasn’t permanent. He missed the speed at which Deloitte was able to work and the variety he enjoyed when working with different clients.

He rejoined the firm in 2010 and after just five years back at Deloitte, Jasper was made a partner in Audit. To this he credits the unique development opportunities offered by Deloitte as well as the highly talented and motivated people he worked with.

However, he said his break in industry also offered some fantastic opportunities. Being part of industry gave him a unique insight into his clients and he was therefore better able to understand their challenges. He also felt that the different business environment gave him the opportunity to develop a very individual leadership style; one he might not otherwise have had the chance to develop.

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