Asia Pacific Centre for Regulatory Strategy


Asia Pacific Center for Regulatory Strategy

Navigating regulatory change

The Center addresses the strategic and aggregate impact of regional and international regulatory policy to help financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region navigate regulatory change.

Regulation continues to pose a major challenge for the financial services industry and its regulators. To date, supervisors have largely been focused on developing country specific risk management programs which have left those organisations that operate in multiple jurisdictions under strain as they attempt to comply with varied and evolving regulatory frameworks.

The Asia Pacific Center for Regulatory Strategy draws on Deloitte’s financial services expertise across the region and works hand-in-hand with Deloitte’s existing Regulatory Centers in EMEA and the U.S. to provide financial institutions with a forward looking view of the most important regulatory developments impacting their businesses.

The Center is led by some of Deloitte’s most prominent risk & regulatory experts in the region:

  • Kevin Nixon, Head of Deloitte Australia’s Risk & Regulation Practice
  • Tony Wood, Head of Deloitte China and Hong Kong’s Financial Services Enterprise Risk Services Practice
  • Tsuyoshi Oyama, Head of Deloitte Japan’s Center for Risk Management Strategy
  • Tse Gan Thio, Leader of Deloitte Singapore's Cyber Risk Services.
Asia Pacific Center for Regulatory Strategy