Center for Regulatory Strategy


Center for Regulatory Strategy

Anticipate change. Respond with confidence.

The Center for Regulatory Strategy is a source of critical insight and advice, designed to help clients to anticipate change and respond with confidence to the strategic and aggregate impact of national and international regulatory policy.

As regulators and legislators respond to the unpredictable global economic, business, and geo-political landscape—as well as the introduction of new technologies and digital platforms—they will continue to reshape today’s operating frameworks, creating a growing list of challenges for many firms.

Through regular dialogue with institutions, trade associations, and other regulatory stakeholders, the Center helps Deloitte’s clients stay ahead of evolving regulatory trends and understand what actions can be taken. With regional hubs in the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA, the Center combines the strength of Deloitte’s network of experienced risk, regulatory, and industry professionals—including a deep roster of former regulators, industry specialists, and business advisers—with a rich understanding of the impact of regulations on business models and strategy.

The Center in Asia Pacific and EMEA are focused on the financial services industry, while the Center in the Americas has a multi-industry focus, covering financial services, health care, life sciences and energy.

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Center contacts

Kevin Nixon

Kevin Nixon

Partner, Risk

Kevin is a well-known and respected voice globally on regulation and governance of the financial system. He returned to Australia to join Deloitte in November 2014 from Washington D.C., where he was M... More

David Strachan

David Strachan

Head of EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy

David is Head of Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy. He focuses on the impact of regulatory changes - both individual and in aggregate - on the strategies and business/ operating models of... More

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