A cloud-based solution for effective change management

ChangeScout helps clear the path to organizational change

In recent years, the pace of change has accelerated exponentially and added obstacles along the path to effective change management. Stakeholders expect targeted engagement through a multitude of channels. Leaders demand better insight into change progress. And organizations strive to deploy change initiatives on a global scale. To look inside your change process, we equip our change management practitioners with ChangeScout, a comprehensive change management solution designed to drive even the most complex change programs—from anywhere, on any device, in real time.

ChangeScout: Transform the way change is delivered

ChangeScout: Digital change management—your way

How can change specialists see their way through the complexity of process, talent, and technology issues associated with change? Deloitte's ChangeScout helps clear the path forward. A cloud-based change management solution, ChangeScout integrates change data to address transformation challenges—across any project, organization, or change leader. By harnessing the power of the cloud for flexibility and scale, ChangeScout enables organizations to manage stakeholder relationships, align change impacts, and plan interventions with insight, precision, and impact.

  • Insight: ChangeScout consolidates change data in a single data model and provides real-time stakeholder visualizations to support analytics-driven decisions.
  • Precision: ChangeScout helps change specialists understand which employees are impacted by changes, how exactly their jobs will change, and the many things that can be done to help employees adapt and excel in the new working world.
  • Impact: ChangeScout unearths insights from in-depth reports and dashboards, tracks stakeholder engagement levels and readiness, and drives increased project results—all within a single customizable, scalable, cloud-based change management application.


The benefits of better visibility, decision making, and intervention

With ChangeScout, you gain a holistic view of your change effort and manage change in real time for more flexible, responsive, and effective change management. What other demonstrated benefits can you expect from such a robust change management solution

  • Increased leadership visibility and insights: Leaders gain real-time visibility across their change initiatives. Extensive dashboards and reports enable improved decision making, prioritization, and more targeted interventions.
  • Fortified stakeholder relationships: Improved stakeholder profiling and cross-program impact identification enable more relevant communications, more effective engagement activities, and a more consistent experience for those impacted by organizational change.
  • Accuracy and productivity: Built-in automation helps our clients' reduce risk by streamlining review and escalation processes with workflows and approvals. Email alerts, automated task assignments, progress notifications, and report subscriptions help to keep everyone on track.
  • Secured platform: Deloitte's ChangeScout is powered and secured by the Salesforce platform.

"Access to real-time, live, direct information is truly transformative. It enables you to have rich, data-driven conversation—with facts at your fingertips."

- Mike Bentley, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, US Digital Enablement Practice Lead

Putting ChangeScout to work

Our change management practitioners use ChangeScout to help organizations drive effective change management in several ways:

  • Gain full visibility of every impacted stakeholder, including key people, communication preferences, future activities, change impacts, and engagement profiles
  • Track the business process, technology and people changes, management strategies, and key success measures
  • Forecast resistance issues and plan mitigation approaches
  • Align broader organizational goals by linking activities to business strategies and monitoring business benefit realization.

Scouting out value

ChangeScout offers improved tracking of stakeholder and leader alignment, a better understanding of change impacts, and clearer visualization of change management performance and progress. What are some other ways ChangeScout can clear your path to effective change management?

  • Flexibility: ChangeScout is configurable and scalable to meet the needs of just about any project, organization, or stakeholder. Through over 60 pre-built change management reports and dashboards, ChangeScout provides real-time insights into an organization's change and transformation initiatives. Customizable reports that meet unique requirements are also available.
  • Scalability and security: ChangeScout can be scaled up or down depending on your organization's specific requirements, and data is powered and secured by the Salesforce platform.
  • Holistic approach: ChangeScout can be used to manage projects ranging from tactical, one-off change initiatives to complex, geographically dispersed programs—and often for work that impacts many thousands of stakeholders.

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