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Human Capital Platform and Innovation

Powering the digital organization

As digital transforms the landscape, successful organizations will move faster, adapt more quickly, learn more rapidly, and embrace a dynamic workforce.

Why Human Capital Platform and Innovation matters

Technology has made our lives much simpler, and in many cases, more enjoyable. Yet the latest consumer technologies have created a discrepancy between the consumers’ home and work lives. They have come to expect the same easy, institutive experience from the workplace.

The goal of Human Capital Platform and Innovation is to help organizations understand the difference between “doing digital” and "being digital.” The digital mindset focuses less on technology and more on how it’s being used. More technology isn’t necessarily the answer.

Making the shift to digital

Today, organizations are making the shift to become digital, and these digital organizations require a new set of capabilities.

Human Capital Platform and Innovation:

HR is poised to lead the transformation

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Michael Gretczko

Michael Gretczko

Chief Business Architect

Michael is Deloitte Consulting LLP's Chief Business Architect. In this role, he focuses on innovating, architecting and scaling high growth software based businesses built with Deloitte Consulting’s E... More

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