Financial Times & Deloitte Digital Health Summit USA


Financial Times Digital Health Summit USA

Unlocking the value of disruption

17 Oct 2018 | 10 on the Park | New York

The event brings a fresh perspective to the digital health space as health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, health insurers, and technology companies come together to discuss value-creating health care solutions, the changing pharma-patient relationship, and how regulations will drive this disruptive space.

Executives from across the world come together at the FT Digital Health Summit USA to address issues impacting digital transformation in health care. Digital technologies are continuously making strides in the health care industry by enabling better prevention, diagnosis, and personalized treatment. But, there has been an ever-growing pressure on services owing to escalating costs and reimbursement demands. Can digitalization help address the patient’s need for value-based care? What does the future hold for funding in digital health? With advanced technologies and a vast amount of data available for analysis, health care systems might be at risk. What does it take for the industry to manage a market with a high potential of compliance, privacy, and data security risks? Amidst enormous complexities in implementing digital strategies, how will interactions between pharma companies and patients evolve?

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Deloitte sessions

  • John Conrad, Principal, Regulatory and Operational Risk, Deloitte, will be speaking on the session titled “Regulation in the digital era of health”. The session takes a deep dive into creating a safe and secure health care environment by mitigating the regulatory, compliance, and data security risks associated with digitalization.
  • Chris Zant, Principal, Life Sciences & Health Care, Deloitte, will moderate the session on “Digital health discussion: The transformation of the pharma-patient relationship” that will have speakers discuss how interactions between pharma companies and patients will evolve with the development and adoption of advanced technologies.
  • Pete Micca, Partner, Deloitte, will moderate the session on “Investment insights: Riding the wave” that will include a panel of finance experts who will analyze the options and consider what the future holds for digital health funding.

Key issues that will be addressed at the FT Digital Health Summit USA:

  • New approaches to relieving cost pressures and bringing value to health care
  • Regulation in the digital era of health 
  • Investment insights and riding the wave of new technology
  • Proactive approaches on how technology can be an enabler to healthy lifestyles
  • The transformation of the pharma-patient relationship
  • The digital opportunity in mental health
  • Steering disruption to make worldwide health care more affordable and accessible
  • Value-creating solutions through technology for health care

Scheduled speakers

  • Mona Siddiqui, Chief Data Officer, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Patrick Carroll, Chief Medical Officer and Division Vice President, Walgreens
  • Steve Ommen, Associate Dean, Center for Connected Care, Mayo Clinic
  • Heather Bell, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Digital and Analytics, Sanofi
  • Sue Siegel, Chief Innovation Officer and CEO Business Innovations, GE
  • Adam Landman, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Brigham Health
  • Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, American Telemedicine Association
  • David Ross, President and CEO, The Task Force For Global Health
  • Nelia Padilla, Global Lead, Digital Health, IQVIA
  • Jon Gordon, Director, NewYork-Presbyterian Ventures

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