Intelligent protection in the digital age

As organizations adopt more and varied ways of interacting with internal and external constituencies, securing proprietary information and other critical business assets becomes exponentially more difficult, and meeting regulatory requirements more complex. Organizations are increasingly the target of cyberattacks and subject to demanding regulatory mandates. Deloitte’s secure services help organizations establish effective controls around sensitive assets, and balances the need to reduce risk while enabling productivity, business growth, and cost-optimization objectives. We help clients invest in cybersecurity control and preventive measures, aligning investment with awareness of their key risks.

We offer:

  • Infrastructure protection – We address potential infrastructure vulnerabilities by improving network strategy and implementation, cloud security, and instituting anti-DDoS Attack protection.
  • Vulnerability management – We identify and manage potential security risks through rigorous testing and the use of cutting-edge vulnerability management tools.
  • Application protection – We keep key applications protected and up-to-date through routine testing and management, including enterprise application security, source code review, and source by design: secure SDLC protocols.
  • Identity and access management (IAM) – We establish protocols that only allow authorized users and customers to access an organization’s infrastructure and data. IAM solutions help enhance the security of online transactions while minimizing friction in the user experience.
  • Information privacy and protection – We help clients keep valuable personal, user, and customer data private by adopting industry-leading holistic and integrated data solutions. We also help prevent unauthorized access to confidential corporate, user, and customer data to avoid expensive legal, financial, reputation, and regulatory issues.

Deloitte ranked #1 by Gartner in security consulting for the fifth consecutive year

Deloitte is pleased to announce that Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, ranked Deloitte #1 globally, based on revenue, in Security Consulting Services for the fifth consecutive year in its May 2017 report titled, Gartner: Market Share: Security Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2016.

Global leaders

Nick Galletto

Nick Galletto

Global Cyber Risk Services Leader

Nick Galletto is the Deloitte Global Cyber Risk leader based in Toronto. Nick has over 30 years of experience in information technology, networking, systems management and information security managem... More

James Nunn-Price

James Nunn-Price

Asia Pacific Cyber Risk Leader

James is a partner in Deloitte Australia as well as the Asia Pacific Cyber Risk Services Leader for Global Risk Advisory. He is a recognised cyber expert and successful business leader contributing to... More

Chris Verdonck

Chris Verdonck

EMEA Cyber Risk Services Leader

Chris has more than 20 years of experience in serving mainly larger and complex clients in selected industries, such as life sciences, financial services, technology, security & defense. In his career... More