Deloitte EMEA Cyber Academy

The purpose of cybersecurity training is to develop essential competencies that are critical in facing possible security issues in your organization. Our courses will significantly improve your employees’ ability to recognize and respond to potential cyber threats.


Even with the greatest people and technology in place, the weakest link in your organization, when it comes to its IT security, are companies’ own employees.

One of the best ways to make sure company employees will not make costly errors with regard to information security is to cultivate company-wide cybersecurity technical and awareness training initiatives.

Our Academy is part of the full range of services offered by the EMEA Cyber focusing on the delivery of:  

  • Specialized cyber security training at a highly-qualified technical level, aiming to increase the technical capabilities and skills of our Clients. 
  • Qualified cybersecurity awareness programs and initiatives, also targeting executives and directive boards, in a diverse range of formats.
  • Courses for all other employee grades (technical and non-technical managers and executives, junior and senior consultants and technicians, administrative staff, students, etc.)
  • Our courses are well established within several Universities and Business Centers, as well as it has served to train public bodies and private companies.
  • Advanced e-learning experiences throughout our dedicated online platforms.
  • Multilingual content.

Areas of expertise

The Academy courses are classified into Ethical Hacking, Secure Software Development, Reverse Engineering, Monitoring and correlation, DDoS, APTs, Forensic Analysis, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Security and Mobile Device Security.

Technical Catalogue and Awareness Catalogue