Corporate Governance Services

Helping boards define a strategic direction

With calls for greater transparency and corporate responsibility growing stronger from the media, outside activists, and even shareholders, the expectations and responsibilities placed on corporate boards is reaching an all-time high. Deloitte’s Corporate Governance services are dedicated to assisting corporate boards address these concerns by helping them become more effective in overseeing their organization’s key risks, strategies, and overall governance structures.

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We offer:

  • Board & Committee Governance Assessments – We drive corporate boards to improve their overall effectiveness by assessing and evaluating their current governance structures, policies, and procedures.
  • Board Effectiveness Labs – We facilitate organizations’ efforts to on-board new chairs and board members using our unique Board Effectiveness Greenhouse Labs.
  • Board Governance Advisory – We advise corporate boards in their efforts to address expanding marketplace expectations relating to their oversight responsibilities, and inform them of leading practices related to the oversight of key risks and challenges facing their organization.
  • Corporate Secretarial Outsourcing – We assist organizations manage certain governance-related administrative tasks through the provision of outsourcing services.

Global governance centers site selector

Deloitte maintains 43 Centers of Corporate Governance throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Tailored to the governance environments of each country, these sites provide clients with Deloitte resources, third-party materials, and contact information for the governance center leaders.

Courage under fire: Embracing disruption

Many organizations are recognizing the benefits that disruption and disruptive technologies can bring to their businesses. But, like every opportunity, potential benefits can also come with new challenges and risks. In this Deloitte Director’s alert, we discuss how boards can prepare for and leverage disruption, and highlight areas where boards should be focusing their time in 2017.