Strategic Risk Services

Disrupt or be disrupted

Disruption can impact even the most well-established organization. Whether it’s a threat from an upstart competitor, a change caused by emerging technology, or shifting demographics, one thing is for sure: change will happen. Deloitte’s Strategic Risk services helps clients prepare for change by effectively identifying critical risks and their potential implications to the business, monitoring trends, and providing insights on disruptors that could affect competitive advantage, market position, and long-term performance.

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We offer:

  • Enterprise Risk Management – We drive organizations to integrate risk management into their business and strategic processes to help enable them to take value-creating risks and to mitigate potentially costly risks. Our services include identification and prioritization of enterprise-wide risks, assessment of risk capabilities, and the development of tools, processes, and organizational structures needed to build a robust and sustainable risk management program.
  • Strategic Risk Discovery, Preparation & Response – We facilitate organizations’ efforts—particularly C-suite executives and board members—to identify, assess, monitor, and respond to their most important strategic risks.
  • Executive Risk Management Information – We advise organizations on how to improve executive decision-making capabilities by enhancing the reliability of risk monitoring and reporting data and processes throughout the enterprise. This enhanced data allows organizations to respond to, and mitigate potentially costly risk, and to exploit risks that can create value.

Deloitte named a global leader in Enterprise Risk Management consulting

ALM Intelligence named Deloitte as a global leader in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Consulting. In the report entitled Enterprise Risk Management Consulting 2017, ALM Intelligence notes, “Deloitte looks to build risk-intelligent organizations by helping clients transform their risk management functions from bolt-on activities focused on value protection to ones that permeate organizational efforts to create value.”

Strategic risk: A cornerstone of risk transformation

When approached properly, strategic risks can be extremely beneficial to an organization’s bottom line and future growth. When they go wrong, however, they can do serious damage very quickly. This publication outlines the challenges strategic risks can present, and discusses approaches business leaders can take to elevate risk as a means of powering performance while mitigating potential downsides.