Extended Enterprise Risk Management

Maximize revenue, mitigate risks, & strengthen relationships

In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, no one organization can function on its own. But partnerships and alliances don’t come without risk. Deloitte’s extended enterprise risk management (EERM) services evaluate and manage the risks associated with an organization’s extended enterprise—and the ecosystem in which it operates—to ensure that third-party business partners such as outsources, licensees, and suppliers are performing up to contractual expectations, and to minimize threats to valuable infrastructure and data.

We offer:

Business Partner Assurance- Business-critical third-party relationships should be routinely monitored to ensure external partners are meeting their contractual responsibilities. Deloitte helps ensure external business partners are complying to all existing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and invoicing practices in order to reduce cost and boost revenue, and that they are using proper fiscal controls to deliver all expected benefits while reducing the risk of costly regulatory issues.

Third-Party Advisory (TPA)- We help clients evaluate contracts and assess the risks associated with third-parties. TPA also provides analytic services designed to enhance third-party risk management (TPRM), including software asset management and third-party governance and risk management (TPGRM).

Harnessing third-parties for value creation: Instituting your extended enterprise risk management program

With the continuing rise of the extended enterprise, it has become more important than ever for organizations to understand the risks associated with their business-critical third-party relationships. This article highlights the key challenges that global organizations are facing, and provides insight into how a well-designed EERM program can mitigate risk, and improve brand and financial performance.

Overcoming the threats and uncertainty: 2017 extended enterprise risk management global survey report

This second annual survey report looks at how global organizations are addressing the challenges they face in managing third-party risk in uncertain external environments while remaining agile and competitive in the marketplace. It also highlights five key areas where most organizations need improvement.

The threats are real: 2016 extended enterprise risk management global survey report

While investments in TPGRM have increased, this report reveals there are significant gaps in the tools, technologies, and processes that must be addressed to mitigate the potential negative impacts on reputation, earnings, and shareholder value.

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Jan Corstens

Jan Corstens

Partner, Risk Advisory

As an NSE leader for Extended Enterprise services, Jan is helping is helping clients: Understand the risks in the supply chain through technology and operate models  Helping solve IT Asset management ... More