The Brexit Lab

Accelerate contingency planning

With the United Kingdom (UK) set to leave the European Union (EU) in March 2019, organizations face a period of continued uncertainty with unknown consequences. The Deloitte Brexit Lab helps businesses manage this uncertainty—and prepare for change—using a proven contingency planning method.

Prevailing uncertainty

Because Brexit withdrawal negotiations will be conducted as a single package, uncertainty is likely to prevail until the very last moment. As a result, organizations will have very little information to go on as they prepare for a post-Brexit business environment. This will be particularly challenging for businesses attempting to proactively address inevitable changes, such as:

  • Market access: Routes to the EU market could become less efficient for UK companies and vice versa, with customs duties, border checks, and country of origin requirements leading to delays, inefficiencies, and extensive costs.
  • Movement of people: Organizations may find it difficult to maintain ongoing access to workers and move staff easily between the UK and EU as border issues become more of a concern.
  • New opportunities: On the positive side of the ledger, changing market access can help businesses consolidate operations, accelerate location decisions, uncover new trade arrangements, and gain access to new talent pools.

How the Brexit Lab works

The Deloitte Brexit Lab helps organizations forge a path forward in the face of this uncertainty. Our contingency planning specialists and Brexit domain specialists work alongside members of your organization’s internal team to help:

  • access your understanding of Brexit issues and opportunities.
  • anticipate potential scenarios, the impacts on your business, and required action plans; and
  • assess and reassess impacts and strategic choices—developing and updating your contingency plan throughout your Brexit journey.

Be Brexit Ready

Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, Deloitte firms around the globe have prepared detailed insights into the implications for organizations which are now emerging. Explore our global perspectives to assess the risks and opportunities which this unprecedented situation presents.

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David Noon

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