Outsourcing Advisory

Would outsourcing improve your business? Deloitte’s Outsourcing Advisory practice can help you find out. We help organizations evaluate the value of outsourcing and navigate the full life cycle of the outsourcing journey, including IT, Finance, Procurement, and industry-specific processes. The goal is to deliver an environment where outsourced services are structured to perform effectively at a price that is both advantageous to the buyer and profitable for the vendor.

This includes:

  • Strategy – Translating your organization’s executive vision and priorities into an actionable outsourcing strategy tied to specific execution activities.
  • Negotiation – Developing requests for information and proposals, as well as developing, negotiating, and executing effective agreements with third-party vendors, emphasizing balance between service quality, operational outcomes, and pricing.
  • Transition – Defining a transition plan that addresses governance, stakeholder buy-in, change management, and other factors that contribute to effective and sustainable outsourcing over time.
  • Vendor management – Establishing a new vendor management function, or refining an existing one, to drive sustained, efficient service quality.