Supply Chain Strategy

Like a puzzle within a puzzle, putting together the right pieces for a world class supply chain that is aligned to support an organization’s overall business strategy, is a complex undertaking. However, when done right, a high performing supply chain and strategically aligned operating model, is critical to reduce operating costs, optimize asset utilization, deliver superior customer service, and achieve competitive advantage.   Deloitte’s Supply Chain Strategy practice helps organizations create, refine, and implement supply chain strategies that support an overarching business strategy. We work with you to understand your current supply chain performance and capabilities and your future requirements to develop a supply chain strategy and transformation roadmap that addresses the future operating model (people, process, and technology) as well as network design and trading partner relationships, supply chain risk management, and M&A-related opportunities.

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Supply Chain Talent of the Future

Twenty years ago, the Council of Logistics Management— as the leading society of supply chain professionals was then called—decided to spend tens of thousands of its members’ dollars on a curious project: it commissioned a novel. It was a thriller to be exact, called Precipice, portraying an intrepid logistician using the tricks of her trade to uncover a web of deception and save her family’s business.

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