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Be yourself. That's the rule Izmir Shah, a consultant in Deloitte Germany's Global Employer Services (GES) practice, lives by and that guides his career. Back in 2012, Izzy, as he likes to be called, joined the Deloitte Digital team in Australia and brought with him seven years' telecommunications industry experience. Over the next five years, he worked in Tax, GES, and Innovation, and transferred permanently to Deloitte Germany in 2016. Berlin is Izzy's home now, and he will readily tell you that he loves the city and his job at Deloitte. "My sweet spot is developing and supporting GES technology, tax analytics, and innovation solutions and strategies for Deloitte Tax & Legal and its clients, which,” says Izzy, "allows me to play to my strengths and express my creativity."

Izzy credits an open-door culture and partners who listened when he talked about his interests and goals with launching him on his journey from a great job in Melbourne to his dream job in Berlin. 'The GES partner in Australia picked me to work on his team and encouraged me to build my technology skills," says Izzy. "When I told him that I loved analytics, he introduced me to the Global GES Analytics Leader in United Kingdom" When that leader moved to Berlin, he invited Izzy to join his GES Technology, Innovation & Analytics team and to step in managing analytics projects for GES in Germany.

At Deloitte, the quality of your work and your personal and professional style are your brand, learning is continuous, and relationships matter. Learning on-the-job from his partners, team mates, and new graduate hires who come in with fresh ideas is something Izzy values highly. In fact, when he was still in Australia, he took an extended vacation in Europe and mixed business with pleasure, visiting colleagues in member firms on the forefront of innovation and bringing what he learned back to his team in Melbourne. "Since I've moved to Berlin, I keep in touch with my mates in Australia, and we swap ideas," says Izzy, "and everyone benefits from the cross-border exchange."

Tax analytics, Innovation and technology are unquestionably Izzy's professional passions, and he feels fortunate to be in what he considers to be the right career at the right organization at the right time. With all the technology changes underway—Blockchain, RPA, AI, automation, robotics, and more—tax may be one of the most disrupted professions right now and is pretty much reinventing itself. Izzy is charged up about being on the GES Analytics team taking clients through this journey of discovery. "We're looking beyond technology and analytics as tools for process improvement and cost-efficiencies," says Izzy. "Now, we're aligning clients' data and strategic priorities to gain insights that improve decision making and lead to innovations and opportunities for growing their businesses."

Izzy is 100 percent Izzy—right down to his smart, casual, hipster style—and proud to be working at Deloitte. So proud, in fact, that every birthday, he runs a marathon to raise money for charity wearing a Deloitte T-shirt. Since 2012, he's run marathons in Melbourne, Paris, Vienna, Rome, and Rotterdam, and in 2018, plans to run in Hanover. "Running in my Deloitte T-shirt, I see people on the streets in the same t-shirt, and I feel like we’re part of the same family, and I'm not running alone," says Izzy. "It's amazing at Deloitte. The opportunities are enormous, and I want other people to experience what I experience."

Izmir Shah
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