Small Business Big Technology


Small Business Big Technology

How the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs

A new report commissioned by Google

The fastest growing small businesses make extensive use of cloud technologies. This finding from our research into the operating practices of small to medium businesses (SMBs) in five European countries and the USA reflects the unprecedentedly rapid evolution of business practice in the last decade.

Key findings

In this report, Deloitte found that SMBs using cloud technology to overcome their growth challenges grow 26% faster and deliver 21% higher gross profits. 85% of those surveyed believe that cloud technology enabled their business to scale and grow faster.

Some of the other key findings are that using cloud technology enables:

  • 77% of SMBs to access new markets
  • 2/3 of SMBs to beat competitors
  • 3/4 of start-ups to focus on strategic projects. 
Small Business Big Technology
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