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Join Deloitte at SAP SuccessConnect in Las Vegas | 10 – 13 September | Las Vegas, NV

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The pace of technological change is increasing exponentially. No business or industry sector is immune to disruption driven by digitalization and the tsunami of data that accompanies it. Similarly, no HR organization is impervious to changing workforce dynamics, rising employee expectations, and the need to harness new technologies to deliver work differently. Amid such voluminous change, it’s easy to fall prey to analysis paralysis. Which way is the best way to go?

The good news is that there is no definitive route and HR organizations need not spend precious resources trying to find it. Work today is perpetually in progress. This means there are multiple paths to digital transformation, which are up to you to define. Fortunately, there are a few guiding principles to help your organization to progress in its unique journey. The important thing is to stay true to these principles and to keep moving!

Connect with Deloitte at SuccessConnect to explore what the future of work looks like and what “being digital” means in the context of HR. Some of the guiding principles we’ll be showcasing in our booth and in our speaking sessions include:

  • Adopting a digital mindset to generate value
  • Focusing on HR customers to create engaging workforce experiences 
  • Seeing HR delivery models through a customer-centric lens 
  • Employing advanced technology to enable productivity and build a modern engagement platform.

Stop by Booth #Sapphire1 to engage with Deloitte professionals and discuss how we can help you redefine your HR strategy, navigate disruption, and find your way to your desired business outcomes by leveraging SAP SuccessFactors capabilities.

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Navigating Your Route Now: Getting Ahead of Challenges for the Future of HR

Presented by Art Mazor, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM | Starvine 6

Rapid changes in technologies, business models, and worker expectations are accelerating the need to address the future of work. What does this mean for HR? HR must take the lead for enterprises to reimagine the future – today. You’ll learn how the future of HR requires a shift in outcomes including, how HR can adopt a digital mindset, employ a focus on HR customers to create an engaging workforce experience and employ advanced technology to enable productivity and create
a unified engagement platform. In today’s disruptive world, there is no single path to driving value through HR. Join us to learn more about developing your unique route that leads to your ultimate destination – the Future of HR.

Digital transformation journey - foundations and beyond

Presented by Ranji Verghese, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Dawn Christensen, HR Director, Whirlpool

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM | Ironwood 3

Digital HR transformation for a global organization entails addressing operating model, processes, procedures, disruptions, and technologies to make an impact on people. A successful digital HR transformation is a continuous journey leveraging learning from experiences and technology optimization driven by cloud innovations. Hear how Whirlpool embarked on a journey for HR digitization with a vision to redefine and reshape HR operations and services. Discover how an acceptance curve with their employees (including manufacturing on-floor organizations) helped increase visibility on workforce analytics and real-time scheduling and planning. Through digitally enabled HR operations/services, Whirlpool has brought themselves closer to employees and leadership. Share this journey to HR excellence that helps provide a unified and consistent digital experience to employees. Explore how this first step delivers an opportunity to drive a total digital workforce experience for their employees.

The rise of the social enterprise: perspectives on Deloitte's 2018 Global Human Capital Trends

Presented by Michael Stephan, Principal, Global HR Transformation Lead, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Jennifer Mueller, VP, HR, Cintas; Kari Heerdt, SVP, HR and Chief People Officer, MSC

10:15 AM – 11:00 AM | Orovada 8

A profound shift is facing business leaders worldwide: the rapid rise of the social enterprise, reflecting the growing importance of social capital in shaping an organization’s purpose, guiding its relationships with stakeholders, and influencing its ultimate success or failure. During this session, a panel of HR executive leaders, moderated by Michael Stephan - Deloitte Consulting's Global HR Transformation leader, will share their perspectives on how organizations are addressing concerns about automation, the need for new skills, an aging workforce and tightening labor markets, and the make-or-break issue facing companies this year - the need for realignment among the C-suite to focus on business’ evolving role in society. The panel will also discuss how they are addressing the increasing expectations of the individual and the breathless pace at which technology is shaping organizations’ human capital priorities.

AccessEdge: a bridge to the cloud for the HR organization

Developed to bring mobility, ease of use, and configurability of cloud-like self-service for SAP customers, AccessEdge can help take HR to the next level. See a live demo of the solution, which is identical across platforms and devices—helping to deliver a consumer-grade, mobile-enabled experience for employees, managers and HR professionals.

AccessEdge: Time entry and approval

Designed as a solution for SAP time customers to simplify their user experience; see how this demo enhances the mobile users needs for anytime-anywhere time entry and approval, thereby relieving some of the labor for the managers and supervisors.

The cognitive recruiter: using machine intelligence to build the workforce

Project Spark is a Deloitte Future of Recruitment solution, that leverages cognitive technology (AI and RPA) to change how and who an organization hires for high-volume, high-attrition roles. Come see it in action! Key features include real-time profile matching, dynamic CV parsing and screening, and integrated behavioral/psychometric assessments.

SAP SuccessFactors HR business partner chatbot

Explore the conversational enterprise. Learn how chatbots—programs that can converse in natural language—can deliver value by understanding a user’s intent and providing responses based on your business rules and data. See a demo of Deloitte’s HR Business Partner Chatbot, which can act essentially as an autonomous agent of your organization.

The connected employee: thriving in the future of work

We have seen the future of work, and it is captivating! Experience the magic that happens when you offer a hyper-personalized employee experience—one where technology delivers purpose-driven content, on-the-job learning missions, unique engagement opportunities, and real-time rewards through gamification. See the innovative solution developed by Deloitte and GamEffective that connects all workers regardless of technology device, motivating them to thrive at any stage of their careers.

Welcome to the Future of HR: Meet the Cognitive Virtual Agent

The future of conversational AI is here and we are applying it to the world of HR. Explore how cognitive agents can automate your HR operations capabilities, while providing personalized, always-on services to your employees. Explore a number of business scenarios where cognitive agents can significantly increase the speed and accuracy of your HR service delivery, including automation of:

  • Employee onboarding experience
  • Employee asset ordering
  • Benefits enrollment with a smart recommendation engine
  • HR policy Q&A
  • Leave of absence requests

Are you ready to move forward? We’re ready to show you the way(s). Hope to see you at SuccessConnect 2018.

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