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Deloitte demos turn heads at SAP Leonardo Live

Recently in Chicago, over 500 participants came together at SAP Leonardo Live with the expectation of seeing digital innovation come to life. And, they weren’t disappointed! The Deloitte Reimagine Platform turned heads, as people beat a path to the Deloitte booth to learn more about our roadmap and app, and to experience several live demos of our use cases. More specifically, here’s how Deloitte helped participants reimagine the boundaries of digital innovation at SAP Leonardo Live.


  • Sponsored the conference at a premier level, featuring a 10x20 booth. 

Contact us at, and please follow us on Twitter @DeloitteSAP to learn more about the ground-breaking things we are doing with SAP Leonardo. 

  • Issued a press release prior to the event on our latest version of the Deloitte Reimagine Platform Roadmap, accompanied by a launch video filmed in our Dusseldorf Digital Factory. We presently have 51 use cases, 14 of which are available today. Three of these were shown live at our booth:
  1. Cold Chain — Enables safer distribution, better quality delivery, minimized loss, and improved customer satisfaction with the help of continuous monitoring and proactive actions. Illustrates what happens when a truck enabled with sensors and mobile gateway technologies travels through a high-temperature-zone tunnel, transmitting real-time temperature, humidity, and geo-location data to systems of record.
  2. Predictive Maintenance — Uses machine learning to predict equipment failures and avoid downtime. Conveys how real sensor readings allow actual predictions, and how an integrated SAP S/4HANA® environment can facilitate the sharing of information throughout the enterprise.
  3. Smart Tap — Employs liquid flow sensors to monitor and analyze marketing campaigns, trade promotions, and inventory management in real time.
  • Showed additional video demos on D.Property+, D-Wine, GR/IR Clearing and Machine Learning for Commerce (ML4C).       
  • Previewed our Reimagine Platform App, which showcased our roadmap and available use cases, including architectures and demos where available. We are planning to launch the app externally in January 2018.
  • Participated in a mainstage session entitled, “Making SAP Leonardo happen with SAP Cloud Platform,” featuring Rolf Schumann, Global General Manager Platform and Innovation at SAP, and Darwin Deano, Chief SAP Leonardo Officer at Deloitte. More specifically, Darwin shared our POV on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo and why it’s an executive priority. You can listen to Darwin’s talk here, starting at 21:50. 
  • Recognized as a top-10 social media engager at the event, where Deloitte was the only partner acknowledged.
  • Contributed to two satellite events in Palo Alto and New York City. Chris Dinkel, Managing Director at Deloitte, presented on Deloitte Magnet, a scalable workplace solution that maximizes productivity, social connectivity, and customer experience, while optimizing space utilization.

If you missed the main event, you can reimagine the excitement by accessing the replay videos here. Have a specific business or technology challenge you want to discuss? Want more details on our Deloitte Reimagine Platform use cases for commerce, finance, supply chain or talent? Want more insights on transforming the digital core to support tomorrow’s digital capabilities and business models?

Just let us know. We’re happy to continue to conversation we started at SAP Leonardo Live. Contact us at, and please follow us on Twitter @DeloitteSAP to learn more about the ground-breaking things we are doing with SAP Leonardo. 

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