Deloitte Digital presents BankApp

Maximize the value of each customer interaction

Facilitate highly efficient processes for new customer and new account origination as well as customer relationship development.

BankApp consists of five unique applications:

  • BankApp: Cross business line collaboration to drive share of wallet
  • WealthApp: Managing relationships not accounts
  • Complaint management: Translate complaints to actionable insights
  • Commercial: Prospect, plan, and collaborate to deliver one bank
  • Origination and onboarding: An omni-channel experience

BankApp's features include:

Improving the customer experience
  • Open an account in as few as ten minutes and improve the customer conversation
  • Originate multiple banking products in one system without re-keying customer information
  • Position bankers as financial professionals who can make recommendations based on the client’s financial picture
  • Promote a “one bank” approach by viewing the full customer relationship and systematically referring clients to business partners
  • Manage and grow the relationship over time
Experiencing high-quality operational execution
  • Improve compliance adherence and reduce the number of back office touches
  • Leverage - a leading CRM solution to improve the bottom line
  • Manage the adherence of sales processes and measure results using real-time data

Play the video below to learn more about BankApp solutions.

BankApp for Origination and Onboarding