Deloitte Digital presents c*link


Deloitte Digital presents c*link

The people-first HR solution

Beyond a system of record: a system of engagement

c*Link is the centralized hub for the full range of HR information, answers, and services—a system of engagement built for scalability, flexibility, and a positive user experience. c*link runs on the platform and is designed specifically for large businesses seeking a global solution that can enhance—not replace—their current HR systems of record. c*link integrates with HRIS and HR point solutions, whether cloud-based or on-premises applications. It is also fully OS- and hardware-agnostic, making it accessible to your employees around the globe, on all their devices.

Focused on interactions

With c*link, HR professionals can easily engage with their constituents and collaborate with one another to provide essential services.

A unified, personalized, and contextualized experience

Information presented in c*link is unique to the user—so managers, employees, and HR professionals receive a personalized, relevant experience.

Read the c*link brochure to learn more.

Deloitte Digital presents c*link