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Deloitte Digital’s accelerator for manufacturing

Becoming customer focused in a product driven industry

Deloitte Digital’s FastLean offering, created for sales and services teams within the manufacturing industry, is designed to accelerate your customer success and bring increased account insight and activity efficiency to its users.

The global manufacturing industry is going through intense changes & disruptions

Four disruptive forces are impacting manufacturing companies all over the world: speed, globalization, connectivity and connected products.

These disruptions have brought a need for more (complex) coordination amongst the various players. To address these challenges, Deloitte Digital has developed FastLean for manufacturing companies, a unique industry accelerator built on the Salesforce platform.

With Fastlean, Deloitte combines best practices and Salesforce knowledge to create a prebuilt industry standard, providing a strong baseline for customer service transformations, while having a large impact on the speed of innovation, realization, adoption and business results.

FastLean in a nutshell

Deloitte Digital’s experience with Salesforce and knowledge of the manufacturing industry combine in FastLean. It facilitates communication between customer and sales rep, solicits feedback and enables timely service.

FastLean provides you with a 360° view on your customer, to whom you are thus connected at all times, highlighting opportunities and allowing cross-selling. Moreover, it optimizes sales rep visit planning so that they can visit more clients per day.

For more details, download the FastLean brochure.

fastlean account insight and efficiency

Expected Business Benefits

  • Increase revenue streams of sales and service reps (spending less time on administration) results in more visits per day and time optimization
  • Reduce sales and service churn by increasing customer loyalty through closer collaboration and faster, improved service delivery
  • Generate more opportunities and leads through an increase of proactive sales follow-up and coaching capabilities of sales reps
  • Increase partner loyalty through more integrated collaboration with partners on deals and service requests (dealers, agents, etc.)
  • Reduction of sales and service costs through an overall efficiency ga

Delivering a tailored product

By choosing an accelerator approach, your company will directly benefit from our experience and deep industry knowledge.

Whilst the industry faces common challenges, we are aware that our clients have unique needs and priorities. FastLean is a flexible and modifiable product that can easily be configured to ensure a fit with your company and help you to create a competitive advantage.

Our consultants will work with you to identify required capabilities and deliver accordingly. We can accelerate this process and move more quickly to implementation, using our manufacturing-specific customer know how. At the end of the implementation the intellectual property of the tailored FastLean solution will be owned by the customer.

The Deloitte and Salesforce advantage

Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce practice has an unrivalled global range of services for consulting, financial advisory, digital and risk management. Thanks to our blend of industry expertise and experience in delivering complex Salesforce implementations, we are the perfect partner to achieve a rapid and solid return on investment.

Our agile implementation approach enables you to realize benefits quickly by focusing on fast moving yet high-value development. We understand that a successful implementation is more than just delivering the technology. This is why we work together with our clients to embed the right service philosophies and deliver tailored training and change programs to inspire employees.

Salesforce fullforce solution

“The FullForce master program recognizes and promotes a select group of Fullforce Cloud and Industry Partners with demonstrated expertise.” (, 2015)

We are proud to announce that FastLean has been recognized by Salesforce as the FullForce solution for the manufacturing industry. This label distinguishes us more than ever from our competitors.

Click here to read more about the FullForce master status.

Grow your business by improving collaboration with customers, partners, employees and connected products.