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Deloitte Digital

Innovative approaches to keep patients connected to the ever-changing healthcare ecosystem

Life sciences companies have a small window of time to break out of the traditional pharma model and operate in the new, customer-centered, digital ecosystem— or risk the falling behind the innovation curve. The industry’s ‘new normal’ requires more creativity than a tool and a more permanent solution than a consulting engagement. Our hybrid approach to patient engagement couples tested industry experience with a healthy appetite for creativity.

Design and Deliver – Deloitte Digital will help you define and execute a patient-centric strategy for your specific business

Deloitte brings the innovation of Deloitte Digital, the depth of experience of the Deloitte Strategy Consulting practice, and the product development maturity of ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte, to create solutions as personalized as the patients you treat. Our approach considers the most pressing questions in patient engagement.

How do you use digital to transform your business strategy?

Industry Challenge: Currently life science organizations are implementing one off digital solutions or ‘fixes’ around patient engagement technology instead of taking a step back and developing a holistic digital strategy to optimize the patient experience. A one size fits all approach does not exist for patient engagement. Patients have unique needs and concerns and therefore the life science organizations must respond to patients with a personalized engagement approach.

How do you design your organization to operationalize your strategy seamlessly?

Industry Challenge: Traditionally, functional silos exist within life science organizations for specialized goals. This structure is inefficient for organization wide processes and can potentially inhibit operational excellence. The insights from patient engagement has implications across the entire development spectrum, so life science organizations must consider the broad organization.

How do you leverage data as a strategic asset?

Industry Challenge: Some life science organizations lack transparency into the patient data. Data is often collected in a reactive manner to solve for one particular need. Organizations need a method to leverage data to enable data-driven decision making so they can evolve from reactive to predictive analytics.

How do you automate and innovate across the Patient Journey?

Industry Challenge: A lot of patient engagement is outsourced for life science organizations. In order to truly understand and appreciate the patient journey life science organizations must own the engagement platforms and shape the communication method. Empowering physicians to empower patients through wearables, applications, or communities will render powerful transparent personal data and promote innovation.