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Deloitte’s In-Time software

Supercharge SAP® S/4HANA

SAP’s S/4HANA technology is transforming how businesses use data to improve their businesses. With Deloitte’s In-Time software, SAP HANA can be even more powerful.

In-Time, the only tool of its kind currently certified by SAP, is designed to optimize available system resources. Using a method called “logical scalability” for high-load analytic applications, In-Time introduces next-level enhancements to SAP HANA, including:

  • Faster response and processing time. With In-Time, the data processing and reporting times of a SAP HANA system accelerate up to 215%
  • Enhanced ability to handle more concurrent user requests
  • Minimized processor, memory and power consumption – In-Time can reduce memory usage by up to 40% and processor consumption by 60%. (Yes, 60%!)
  • Significant cost reduction: Not only does In-Time reduce the total cost of ownership, but it reduces costs of processor and memory resources

Why Deloitte?

In-Time is the only solution of its kind available on the market, certified by SAP, and only offered by Deloitte.

In-Time is fully functional, with a rich set of components designed to a range of scenarios significantly easier. These components include the In-Time Server, In-Time Workbench, Studio Plug-In, and a power consumption monitor.

Deloitte leads the world in SAP experience, with more than 16,300 SAP-focused professionals in 135 countries.

How the fast get faster - In-Time™ for SAP S/4HANA® and SAP HANA® Platform

SAP’s S/4HANA technology is already transforming how businesses use data. But what if you could make HANA even more powerful? That’s exactly what Deloitte’s In-Time software is designed to do, by further optimizing available system resources and ramping up response and processing time. Learn more about In-Time with this short overview.

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How the fast get faster - SAP HANA® and In-Time™ for Profit Contribution Reports

Profit contribution reporting (PCR) has always presented a tough challenge for modeling tools, affecting production runtimes and response times. But with SAP S/4HANA, boosted by Deloitte’s In-Time software to ramp up response and processing time, it’s possible to tame even the most difficult PCR performance challenges. Learn more about using In-Time with PCR in this short overview.

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