Advanced Analytics

The power of data is in its interpretation. We work with organisations across virtually every industry, in critical parts of their business, to empower data through analytics. Analytics is about applying machine learning, predictive modelling, statistics, and advanced visualisation to data sets with techniques such as predictive modelling, machine learning, and text mining in order to gain actionable insights. Analytics supports decision making in the business domains of customer, supply chain, finance, workforce, and risk. With Analytics Labs, we facilitate analytics strategy workshops, art-of-the-possible inspiration sessions, and brainstorm sessions powered by the principles of design thinking, using Deloitte’s Greenhouse/HIVE locations. Our Advanced Analytics offerings encompass: • Advanced Visualisation and Rapid Prototypes • Natural Language Processing & Text Analytics • Content Analytics & Predictive Content Delivery • Real-time Decisioning & Streaming • Machine Learning Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics For advanced analytics, we use technologies such as R, SAS, IBM Modeller and Watson, Python and Fluxicon Disco, amongst many others.

Rethinking human services delivery

Using data-driven insights for transformational outcomes

Thanks to advances in technology and analytical techniques, human services agencies now are poised to move beyond transactional service delivery.

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