Managed Analytics

Managed analytics offers a smart alternative to many of the challenges companies face today, including doing it yourself. By outsourcing the analytics technology—and insourcing an analytics mind-set—you can gain the capabilities and insights offered by leading in-house solutions faster and more efficiently. Our managed analytics solutions encompass Build Capabilities and Managed Services, including but not limited to: Build Capabilities - Develop the right operating models for Analytics, including the right processes, governance, methodologies and tools: • Agile Delivery: Enable clients to embed an Agile delivery framework and approach within their organisation to execute iteratively and use nimble tools to allow stakeholders to see and shape solutions as developed • Crowd Sourcing: Harness the power of the crowd fro innovation and expedite the pace of execution using an exponentially diverse resource pool of internal and external capacity Managed Services - Outsourcing analytics matches the capabilities and insights offered by leading in-house solutions - but faster and more efficiently: • Infrastructure as a Service: Secure cloud compute and storage infrastructure, sized to meet various scales of requirement, and support industry standard data integration and information distribution architectures • Data as a Service: A cloud platform and services for managing data on demand; including sourcing, ingestion, cleansing, reconciliation, master data management, and controls