Tech-Enabled Innovation

Rapid advances in technology are enabling new business opportunities and disrupting current business models. Our technology enabled innovation services are focused on two distinct objectives: building an innovation capability for technology CxOs and enabling them to identify disruptive business opportunities through a combination of new technologies. We help CxO’s build innovation capabilities by working with our Singularity University partners and Doblin practice and our Tech Futures programs (e.g., Kick Start a Start Up) to design and implement an innovation programs and pilot them. We help our clients realize the potential of innovation by working with them and their business partners to apply technology enabled innovation from initial strategy and market scanning through to solution architecture and implementation.

Insurance Disrupted

General insurance in a connected world

Welcome to this Deloitte report on innovation in general insurance (GI), focusing on digital technology.

Many in the industry agree that digital technology threatens general insurers. The conventional view is that innovative new entrants with business models enabled by digital technology could pick off the best parts of the value chain.

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