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Deloitte’s network of member firms understands the power of SAP® to help organizations in the financial services sector address critical business challenges. Discover lessons here.

Investing in Change—from vision to value

Many leaders in financial services see the potential SAP S/4HANA Finance holds for improving processes and insights, but they have big questions about how the solution aligns with current or future needs. Deloitte has answers. Explore them here.

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SAP Insurance Analyzer: An integrated platform for risk and finance - the IFRS angle

Insurance companies are under the gun to actively manage the risks they take on their balance sheets, both from a capital and profit perspective. With a series of new regulatory measures changing the landscape in key areas—Solvency II in 2016, and new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in 2018—the challenges grow. Strategically, these sweeping changes make it more important than ever for insurance companies to integrate their finance and risk functions. SAP® Insurance Analyzer offers an integrated platform that efficiently delivers compliance while helping insurers reduce costs, improve control over business processes, and tap in to new analytical capabilities that are an imperative in today’s challenging insurance marketplace.

sap insurance analyzer
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