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Deloitte's network of member firms provides a wealth of SAP-based knowledge that procurement executives can draw on to enhance value throughout their purchasing organization.

Ariba® Invoice and Dynamic Discounting – Pay early, save more

Suppliers typically offer clients discounts for submitting invoices electronically and for making timely payments. But some organizations fail to tap in to many of these discounts—in part because they lack the processes, the insights, and the systems to take advantage of them. SAP’s Ariba Invoice and Dynamic Discounting offers organizations a potential path to capturing more supplier discount opportunities, to make paying bills a little less painful. The result? An accounts payable department that delivers new value to the organization.

ariba invoice dynamic discounting
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Ariba® Spend Visibility – Pinpoint where the money is going

Spending money is easy. It’s also complicated. Within organizations today, a wider variety of constituents are now enabled to make their own spending decisions, often in nontraditional ways. And the data picture gets murkier with each added layer of complexity. But new functionality delivered through the Ariba® Spend Visibility solution can help develop a “single source of truth” on spending—by using an enterprise-wide approach to gathering and analyzing data.

ariba invoice dynamic discounting
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A cloud plan for planning and procurement

How can you integrate SAP® Ariba® offerings, SAP S/4HANA® Cloud, and SAP® Integrated Business Planning to get the benefits of cloud and a modern digital core? Learn how Deloitte can help you address cloud-to-cloud needs across a number of areas.

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Beyond EDI - Unlocking new value with transactions enabled by SAP® Ariba® and the Ariba® Network

For many organizations, electronic data interchange (EDI) remains the go-to-method for reliably exchanging the documents involved in buying and selling goods and services. But as the focus of business falls on engagement, collaboration, adaptability, and new value, many organizations have shifted their attention to solutions such as SAP Ariba® and the Ariba® Network, which serves as a modern digital platform for commerce. How does the Ariba Network compare with EDI? Explore some core differences here and discover what it takes to unlock value with SAP Ariba solutions.

beyond edi
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Deloitte Launches Direct Materials Value Transformation Offering

Deloitte today unveiled a suite of products and services designed to help enterprise leaders get more value from their direct materials activities and their investments in SAP® Ariba® solutions.

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Managing third parties in the digital era

A modern third-party management solution can help improve supplier management, increase customer trust, and boost compliance. Explore insights that can help you activate next-generation capabilities with SAP solutions. Learn more from Deloitte.

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SAP Ariba and the transforming landscape of procurement

As the supply chain industry continues to evolve, SAP Ariba plays a key role in defining the future of procurement.

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The Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2018

For the past seven years, the Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey has provided a global benchmark of the sentiment or procurement leaders and an insight into the key themes and challenges facing procurement, including market dynamics, value and collaboration, talent and leadership, and digital procurement.

CPO Survey
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The direct approach - Finding new value with direct procurement

For manufacturers, direct procurement can represent a big portion of costs. At the same time, many companies continue to acquire direct materials inefficiently. But with SAP® Ariba® and guidance from Deloitte, they can begin unlocking new value.

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Transforming source-to-pay processes with cloud

Transforming source-to-pay activities can bring big benefits, but how do you find a rapid path forward? Learn how Deloitte Accelerator for SAP® Ariba® can help you move fast with cloud capabilities for supply chain execution and collaboration.

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Where the supply chain and business planning meet

Connecting SAP Ariba and SAP Integrated Business Planning solutions can deliver an end-to-end supply chain platform to support the back office and the front office. Learn what it takes to bring the two solution sets together effectively.

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