David Parent

Detroit Managing Partner

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

David Parent

1001 Woodward

Suite 700



United States


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David is the managing principal for the Deloitte LLP’s Michigan practice, overseeing more than 1,100 professionals. In addition to serving clients, he is responsible for the strategy, operations, talent, and business development of the practice. David collaborates with the Deloitte US member firm and global organization to bring the best Deloitte resources and talent to help Michigan companies, community-based organizations, and governments respond to today’s challenges.

David is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP with personal areas of focus including workforce strategy and transformation, HR operations, organizational transformation, leadership development, and technology implementation. Over the past decade, David has primarily served state, local, and higher education clients. David also serves as the lead university principal for Deloitte’s relationship with the University of Michigan, a strategic university relationship with the Deloitte US member firm.

David has led several different talent development and diversity-related initiatives in his various leadership roles, including designing and leading high potential programs, facilitating numerous training programs at Deloitte University and nationally, leading numerous campus recruiting efforts, and serving as a mentor for professionals across the practice.

David Parent