Andrew Culley

Managing Partner, Deloitte Private

Andrew Culley

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Andrew has led Technology Strategy teams in both Adelaide and Sydney and specialises in the alignment of Business and IT Strategy and understanding the impact of Technology Disruption on organisations. His career spans across the manufacturing and industrial sectors and his portfolio of clients has included private businesses through to large corporations and government entities.

Andrew specialises in reviewing businesses from both a commercial and operational perspective, and has a proven track record in developing and implementing information solutions that help businesses to compete in demanding and changing marketplaces. Over the last 3 years, he has focussed on assisting B2C organisations understand the impact of Customer empowerment on technology strategy and the challenge of responding to the often-competing priorities of disruption and regulation. He was the co-author of Deloitte’s influential reports on SA “Make it Adelaide” and is a passionate advocate for advancement of the South Australian Economy.

Andrew has also previously held management responsibilities for supply chain management, sales and marketing, customer service, information technology and financial performance.

Andrew Culley