Anis Chakravarty

Partner and Lead Economist

Anis Chakravarty

Indiabulls Finance Centre

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Anis Chakravarty is a partner and lead economist with Deloitte India. He brings significant experience in advising companies in the European Union, India and the United States on a number of issues related to economics, finance and transfer pricing.

Prior to joining Deloitte India, Anis was based in Brussels, Belgium for several years, advising European inbound as well as outbound companies on transfer pricing and finance matters.

Anis has been the co-leader of Deloitte’s Global Economists Network and is involved with the firm’s learning and knowledge development initiatives in India and the Asia Pacific region. He leads the Advanced Transfer Pricing training for Deloitte in the region. He is also a guest faculty at L'International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), lecturing on transfer pricing issues of business restructuring and supply chain.

Anis is a speaker at various media channels including Bloomberg TV, ETNow, CNBC and is regularly quoted in the print media on various macroeconomic issues and trade policies.

His technical views have been published in BNA Transfer Pricing Report, Euromoney’s annual Transfer Pricing Review, Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall Street Journal amongst others.

He is currently recognized by Euromoney/Legal Media Group, London as one of the world's leading transfer pricing advisers.

Anis Chakravarty