Dr. Florian Klein


Director | Strategy & Business Design

Dr. Florian Klein

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Dr. Florian Klein is an advisor, corporate strategist and futures thinker with extensive experience in providing strategic counsel to senior decision makers at leading multi-national corporations and governments. He is expert in facilitating the creation of robust strategies today, in light of an uncertain tomorrow.

Florian leads a team of strategists, scenario practitioners and AI specialists that design dynamic decision-making processes. He founded and leads the Center for the Long View (CLV) network, which is Deloitte’s global center of excellence for scenario planning and AI-enabled sensing. Florian leads the Practice Group for Sensing and Sense-Making at Monitor Deloitte Germany, and forms part of Deloitte’s international Brexit Task Force.

Florian holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics from the London School of Economics, an International MBA from Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, and a Master in Development Studies from the University of Tübingen.

Dr. Florian Klein