Marty DiMarzio

Talent & HR Operations Leader | Life Sciences

Marty DiMarzio

200 Berkeley Street

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United States


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Marty serves as the Global Lead Consulting Partner for a Fortune 50 client. In his role, Marty enables executives to drive profitable and sustainable growth through strategic change. He brings more than 20 years of life sciences experience to his role and has a proven track record of architecting and delivering complex, global transformations for our largest life sciences clients. Marty is a strong advocate of The Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience and has seen firsthand how Greenhouse concepts can empower leaders, shift thinking, and accelerate breakthroughs.

Since joining Deloitte in 1999, Marty has worked closely with Fortune 500 clients on a range of human capital strategy, business transformation, acquisition & divestiture, and systems implementation projects. In addition to his client work, Marty has served Deloitte in various leadership roles and is known for his strong relationships with executives across Deloitte’s global network that enhance seamless delivery. He was a member of Deloitte’s Board Council, where he advised the board on issues important to our organization. Marty also chaired the Partner and Managing Director Peering Committee and served on the US and Global Human Capital executive team and US Life Sciences & Health Care industry team. His current named leadership roles include, Delivery Excellence Leader for Life Sciences, US Consulting leadership team, and Yale recruitment Partner champion.

Outside of Deloitte, Marty enjoys exploring the outdoors and traveling to new places with his wife, Sara, and two children, Abe & Adira. Marty received a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and a Master of Business Administration from the Yale School of Management.

Marty DiMarzio