John H. Bone, Jr.

Specialist Leader, Enterprise Risk Services

John H. Bone, Jr.

1919 North Lynn Street

Suite 1500



United States


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Prior to joining Deloitte’s US member firm, Mr. Bone served in the US Army for 27 years, retiring as a Colonel, during which time he specialized in crisis management and had direct responsibility for large, 150+ person war games for NATO and all three US military services. Mr. Bone is experienced in balancing divergent stakeholder requirements with overarching war game objectives required to answer the sponsor’s desired outcome. For six years Mr. Bone led irregular warfare war game capability and capacity development efforts at the Joint Forces Command J9 Directorate, and Joint Irregular Warfare Center’s war gaming practice. He is experienced in the lifecycle planning, preparation and conduct of war games, simulations, and facilitated table top exercises as depicted through his support for clients such as the Chairman of the Joint Staff’s Table Top Exercises, the United States Postal Service and commercial financial institutions.

John H. Bone, Jr.