Michael Gretczko

Chief Business Architect

Michael Gretczko

695 East Main Street

6th Floor



United States


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Michael is Deloitte Consulting LLP's Chief Business Architect. In this role, he focuses on innovating, architecting and scaling high growth software based businesses built with Deloitte Consulting’s Ecosystem Partners.

For more than 20 years, Michael has spent his career helping clients find innovative solutions to their most pressing business issues. Michael’s consulting experience centers on digital solutions, business strategy, service delivery, process design, enterprise cloud technology, and operating model transformation. Michael has traveled the globe helping clients define and execute their organization’s strategy, transform and globalize operations, enter new markets, increase employee and customer engagement, and manage with better business insights. Prior to his role as Consulting’s Chief Business Architect, he served as the US and Global Human Capital as a Service Leader, where he was responsible for leading the development of Deloitte’s Human Capital software assets, the Human Capital Managed Services businesses and the Human Capital ecosystems and alliances.

Michael Gretczko