Natan Aronshtam

Deloitte Global Tax & Legal Leader | Gi3

Natan Aronshtam

5140 Yonge Street

Suite 1700

North York



M2N 6L7

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Natan is the Deloitte Global Tax & Legal leader for Global Investment and Innovation Incentives (Gi3) services. The Deloitte global Gi3 network provides services in over 50 countries assisting companies with access to government incentives for R&D, investment in new or expanded operations or products, and human resources.

Natan is also a partner with Deloitte Canada. He regularly leads national and international engagements and serves many of the leading companies in Canada and around the world. Natan also advises governments all over the world on policy and incentive design to increase innovation and attract specific industries and types of businesses.

He is a frequent speaker and presents to many internal and external audiences both in Canada and worldwide. He is also frequently featured on TV and print media.

Natan graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science with Electrical Engineering electives.

Natan Aronshtam