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Stage 4 - Ditching the GoPro

Deloitte Partners Cycling 2022

Hard data of the day

Date: Tuesday 24 May
From: Limoges
To: Périgueux

# kilometers: 115
# altimeters: 1,200
# flat tyres: 1
# bananas consumed: 43
# hours on the bike (shortest): 4.5
# hours on the bike (longest): 4.5

Hero of the day

This morning our race machines were lined up and shining in the sun again: chain well-oiled and tyres inflated. And that was not that obvious at all after yesterday’s water festival. 

Moreover, Team Kortweg makes sure we ride safely and that we keep our sugar level under control throughout the day—with much more good stuff than just bananas. So, our warm gratitude goes to the heroes of Kortweg Cycling Travel! 


Trivia of the day

Today, we rode through the Périgord, a natural region and former province of France, which corresponds roughly to the Dordogne department. The geography (up and down!) and natural resources (cows, cows, and more cows!) made today’s ride really nice. Did I mention we spotted more than enough Limousin cows?

The Périgord is noted for its cuisine, especially its duck and goose products, such as confit de canard and foie gras… if you are into that. It is known as a centre for truffles in France. 


Story of the day

A bit of a dry story so far today? Well, the adventure of the day was actually caused by your humble reporter, losing my GoPro in the descent of one of the first hills. The great search for the GoPro resulted in a next level team building event. Did you ever see 34 Deloitte partners searching a ditch for 100 metres? Right. Not a sight we will easily forget. 

If you are in desperate need of a GoPro and you are in for an intense search, you are welcome to check out the D59 in the area of Montluc! 



If you are in desperate need of a GoPro and you are in for an intense search, you are welcome to check out the D59 in the area of Montluc!

Help our good causes

You are invited to sponsor their bike ride and contribute to the worthy causes they have chosen to support: 
BerrefondsFund IsaanJoin2BikeMaggie goes to Mombasa, and The International Committee of the Red Cross. Your contribution to helping these charities make an even greater impact is highly appreciated.

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