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Stage 5 - Cycling, laughter and great scenery

Deloitte Partners Cycling 2022

Hard data of the day

Date: Wednesday 25 May
From: Périgueux
To: Pusocq Barbaste

# kilometers: 154
# altimeters: 1,400
# flat tyres: 2
# bananas consumed: 28
# hours on the bike (shortest): 5.5
# hours on the bike (longest): 6

Hero of the day

Hero of today is clearly David Roelens. His picture already featured in the report on Monday’s rain stage—you remember, the raincoat with the malfunctioning zipper? But today, our fashion guru made another statement: in today’s picture, he confidently shows his very special set of arm pieces. While his left arm piece is rather tight, he has chosen for a more loose model for his right arm (that may look similar to Stijn Demeestere’s leg piece, but that is completely beside the point). Genius! 

Incredible how David is already launching a new trend in cycling fashion for the autumn of ‘22. 

Trivia of the day

We also learn new things every day on our bikes. Two examples from today:

1. Earlier this week, we learned why a hairdryer in an hotel room is a fantastic tool when you arrive after a rainy stage. It is very handy to speed-dry your cycling shoes. Check out the picture.

2. In a peloton, a whole language of gestures is used to allow the riders to safely navigate through the peloton. A gesture I learned today is waving the left hand for a very short time behind the lower back. It means the rider is intending to ride for some time “en danseuse”. Interesting… right, Philippe Deschietere?

Story of the day

Some of us are starting to feel that the number of kilometres we have already cycled is having an impact on our legs, shoulders, back and/or the parts of the body that touch the bike… And, I’m sure I’m not the only one who had “Why oh, why did I sign up for this?” cross my mind a couple of times as well this week when climbing.

Yet, we are thoroughly enjoying the conversations while cycling, the laughter, the fantastic French scenery (and roads!), etc. 

We also continue to have our good causes in mind. Since it is not too late to support the charities, “pater familias” Dirk Cleymans interviewed three partners that are the patrons of three of the five good causes we are riding for: Joris Bulens, Yves Rombauts, and Frederik Debrabander. Please check out their videos under “the good causes”. 

Thanks for your support! It means a lot to us. 


We are thoroughly enjoying the conversations while cycling, the laughter, the fantastic French scenery (and roads!), etc. And, we continue to have our good causes in mind.

Help our good causes

You are invited to sponsor their bike ride and contribute to the worthy causes they have chosen to support: 
BerrefondsFund IsaanJoin2BikeMaggie goes to Mombasa, and The International Committee of the Red Cross. Your contribution to helping these charities make an even greater impact is highly appreciated.

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