Posted: 31 May 2022 3 min. read


Tarmac Talks

The Tarmac Café at the Deloitte Gateway building overlooks the Brussels Airport tarmac, where planes taxi and head out to the runway. The café is a popular gathering spot for catchups and conversations, sharing stories and making memories.

This podcast will transport you straight to the barstools at the Tarmac Café for in-depth discussions with Belgian experts. You’ll hear future forecasts on diverse topics like the importance of women in STEM, purposeful entrepreneurship and so much more, with a new episode landing each month.

Hosted by Deloitte Belgium CEO Piet Vandendriessche.

Stay tuned-in: our French-speaking series will launch in September!

About Piet Vandendriessche

CEO Piet Vandendriessche leads Deloitte Belgium, a prosperous, purpose-driven organisation built on uncompromised diversity, inclusion and sustainability goals. Piet believes in the power of community and collaboration, working as one to make a positive impact on clients, on talent and on society. Only by navigating the challenges together are we able to create solutions that will futureproof business, and truly make our world a better place for future generations.

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Piet Vandendriessche

Piet Vandendriessche

CEO Deloitte Belgium

Piet Vandendriessche is the Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte Belgium. He first took up the position on 1 June 2016. As CEO, Piet leads and manages the Executive Committee and sets the strategic direction of the firm. He is also a member of the Deloitte North South European Executive.  Piet believes strongly in the impact Deloitte can create for its clients and talent, and for society as a whole. Our strategic professionals stay abreast of the changes shaping our world and bring innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients. Similarly, through the Deloitte Foundation the firm supports a wide range of social projects in Belgium and abroad. These focus on education, innovation and entrepreneurship – areas that make the best use of our skills.  In a long career at Deloitte with many opportunities to grow, Piet attaches great importance to maintaining a transparent, dynamic environment that provides people with plenty of room for personal and professional advancement.