Posted: 17 Jun. 2022 3 min. read

Episode 1 - Welcome to the next normal

An interview with Frederik Anseel

Our post-pandemic world: will we work differently in the ‘next normal’?

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The pandemic caused disruption and transformation within the business world, but most notably, it has forever redefined the workspace. A five-day work week at the office no longer fits with our lifestyles, as living rooms now double as workplaces and the voices of colleagues fill our homes instead of our office buildings. 

Time has been split into pre-and-post covid, with the latter now referred to as the next normal. But what does this mean exactly and is there one ‘new normal’ or several different versions?

In this episode, Piet speaks with Professor of Work Psychology and Behavioral Economics Frederik Anseel, Managing Partner Talent Inge Diels, and Human Capital Leader Nathalie Vandaele about the profound impact of the pandemic on the workplace, how things may evolve in the future, and the renewed focus on the people in the office and their added value in an increasingly digitalised world.  

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Nathalie Vandaele

Covid not only accelerated digitalisation but also put a larger focus on the human aspect in the workplace. Organisations are now making the link between the needs of the individual with the objectives of the organisation to create a win-win situation.

Nathalie Vandaele, Deloitte Human Capital Leader 


About Frederik Anseel

Frederik Anseel is Senior Deputy Dean (Research & Enterprise) at UNSW Sydney Business School and is an award-winning scholar at the top-ranked Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM). Previously, he has held leadership and professor appointments at King’s College London (UK), ESSEC Business School (France), Bocconi University (Italy) and Ghent University (Belgium).

Professor Anseel studies how people and organisations learn and adapt to change. His influential leadership studies, published in leading academic journals, have been cited over 7500 times and featured in the Financial Times, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, The Guardian and the Australian Financial Review.

While we recognised the advantages of virtual working very early on in the pandemic, we’re being mindful of the long term implications. It’s time to develop a shared drumbeat with our people and prevent new inequalities from emerging.

Inge Diels, Managing Partner Talent

Deloitte speakers

Piet Vandendriessche

Piet Vandendriessche

CEO Deloitte Belgium

Piet Vandendriessche is the Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte Belgium. He first took up the position on 1 June 2016. As CEO, Piet leads and manages the Executive Committee and sets the strategic direction of the firm. He is also a member of the Deloitte North South European Executive.  Piet believes strongly in the impact Deloitte can create for its clients and talent, and for society as a whole. Our strategic professionals stay abreast of the changes shaping our world and bring innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients. Similarly, through the Deloitte Foundation the firm supports a wide range of social projects in Belgium and abroad. These focus on education, innovation and entrepreneurship – areas that make the best use of our skills.  In a long career at Deloitte with many opportunities to grow, Piet attaches great importance to maintaining a transparent, dynamic environment that provides people with plenty of room for personal and professional advancement.

Inge Diels

Inge Diels

Managing Partner Talent

Inge is the Managing Partner Talent and a member of the Deloitte Belgium Executive Committee. Inge is committed to making Deloitte a simply irresistible organisation that makes an impact that matters every day on our clients, our people, and on society. She endeavours to create a workplace where everyone feels able to be his or her authentic self - to have a voice, and be respected, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any other characteristic. Inge is MBTI, Business Chemistry and ICF certified.

Nathalie Vandaele

Nathalie Vandaele

Human Capital Leader

Nathalie leads the Human Capital department in our Belgian Consulting practice. She has long-standing experience in organisation, HR and workforce transformations. Nathalie focuses amongst others on strategic advice to management teams, leadership development, organisation design and development, change management, communication management, knowledge management, workforce planning and transition plans, post-merger integration, new ways of working, competency management, learning & development, HR transformation and talent management. Nathalie has managed projects for several levels of government (European, Federal, Flemish, local sector), as well as a number of companies in the private market.