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Deloitte wants to reduce car use by 10% thanks to new mobility plan

The plan is part of a broader sustainability programme that aims at reducing CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2021

Brussels, 4 July 2018

Deloitte announced the launch of a new mobility plan to get its 3,800 employees to reduce the mileage they drive by 10 percent. Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium: “Deloitte wants to take on its role as a sustainable player in society, and today takes the initiative to introduce a multimodal mobility plan. We do not want to wait until the policy framework and the infrastructure are adapted to today’s traffic reality in Belgium. We are therefore encouraging our employees with this plan to consider which means of transport best suit their personal needs.”

With the commitment to reduce the mileage driven by 10 percent, the organisation wants to contribute to reducing traffic jams. Deloitte’s Global City Mobility Index has shown that a Belgian loses more than a workweek per year on average in traffic jams. Traffic misery leads to an estimated economic loss of €4 to €8 billion.

“Companies can and must do their bit for a more liveable mobility in our country. The mobility plan we are launching shows our determination to assume that responsibility,” said Piet Vandendriessche.

Multimodal mobility, attuned to individual needs

“Deloitte wants to reduce the total amount of mileage by 10 percent. We are stimulating responsible mileage,” says Piet Vandendriessche.

Employees can put together their own mobility package, and introduce alternatives to the car. The organisation hopes to encourage each employee to make choices that are more informed.

The means of transport can be included in such a package are public transport, an (electric) bicycle, a car, a shared car, and carpooling. Deloitte employees can opt for a combination, such as a station parking pass and a train pass, or a bicycle and a train pass. Furthermore, flexible working, homeworking or working in one of Deloitte’s local offices is encouraged. In addition, the organisation is striving to simplify the car fleet and make it sustainable by introducing electric cars in a structural manner and by reducing the offer of models from 132 to 10.

“This is not an anti-car choice,” says Piet Vandendriessche. “We want to raise awareness among our employees so that they can make informed choices for mobility solutions and combinations that address their needs and those of our clients in optimal fashion.”

25 percent fewer CO2 emissions

The plan is part of a broader sustainability programme. Piet Vandendriessche: ”With our sustainability policy, we commit to reducing CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2021. Mobility takes centre stage in that policy.”

In May 2017, the company moved from its four former buildings to Gateway at Brussels Airport, which means that the CO2 emissions of the new premises is no less than 40% lower. Thanks to its location near the airport, the new building is superbly accessible via public transport.

The plan that Deloitte is now launching is a subsequent step to earlier initiatives, including the Get2Work app, which calculates the fastest way to the destination by different modes of transport, a carpooling initiative, and the mobility pilot project in 2017, in which 900 employees took part.


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