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Deloitte Belgium reveals the results of its 2016 Human Capital Survey

The new organisation is « different by design »

A fundamental need for new organisational forms has become apparent throughout the world. Such is the conclusion of the annual survey conducted by Deloitte1 among more than 7,000 HR and business leaders in 130 countries. Today’s efficient organisations consist of highly autonomous teams, structured according to a new model and run by team leaders coming from every corner of the globe. They are “different by design”. 


Different by Design: The New Standard 

More and more organisations are being required fundamentally to alter the workplace, the workers and even the work itself. Whereas the emphasis always used to be placed on increasing the workers’ involvement, strengthening the leadership and developing the company’s culture, more and more executives today are keen to review the organisation’s structure. More than 96% of the Belgian participating directors (92% on a world level) believed that the implementation of a new organisational form known as “different by design” was a priority. The new organisation is characterised by high-performing, autonomous and well-connected team networks, who rapidly access the relevant information.

Leadership remains important

Nearly nine out of ten respondents (89%) were convinced that the development of leadership remained important within organisations. A considerably higher figure than in the other Western European countries that took part in the survey. The overwhelmed employee furthermore can clearly be differentiated. Employees have more need than ever for the work method, the processes and the decision-making to be simplified.

“Perfect Storm” for Organisations. Deloitte gives several pointers

  • The (exponential) acceleration of change:  think of the economies of platforms such as Uber and Zalando. The legislative framework might want to wait in vain: they are operational and are evolving at an ever-increasing rate. 
  • The culture of the organisation is dependent upon public opinion: : the CEOs and their teams can no longer leave it to chance. “Meaning” can no longer be a slogan. Belgium (84%) just falls within the Western European average.
  • A change of the work method is essential: digital and other technological developments and revolutions are both a blessing (possibilities) and a curse (speed, scope)
  • The HR Leader is becoming a kind of “Chief Experience Officer:

The percentage of Belgians who work part-time is increasing (compared to other Western Europeans);

The status of freelance and others is multiplying;

Crowdsourcing is regarded as a way of carrying out missions, with a trend towards “Participative Applications;

Commitment remains a priority - with a score of 87% for Belgium, i.e. a little higher than the Western European average.

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